coast n smoke drop-in Jerk



This Jerk packs a punch with lots of fragrant flavours and some nice heat to round it out.

With a generous coating of olive oil, this rub will melt to form a flavoursome marinade. Cook straight away or leave for a few hours for extra intensity.

Cook over coals or on the grill for a nice Jerk crust. Finish off with some lime wedges for a citrus kick

Its ideal on poultry, fish, pork and vegetables, but this rub is a real allrounder and we have even used it in sausage rolls!

This Jerk gets its name from the surfing term ”drop in”. To drop in on a wave that’s already being ridden is a serious breach of surfing etiquette. The only thing that will make up for this faux pas is if you invite them round for some of this juicy Jerk.

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